Unlocking Potential.
Transforming Societies.
We develop leaders with a heart for the world and the tools to work
We are relentless in our determination to develop creative solutions to societal needs

Global Impact Network (GIN) is a community of change catalysts and social programmes collaborating to transform societies through investments in global leadership, enterprise development and education advocacy.

Our mission is to develop transformative leaders, empower entrepreneurs and inspire catalytic social action to build sustainable societies.



  • Global Leadership

    We believe that no society will outgrow the quality of its leaders, therefore we prioritize a values-based and skills-oriented approach to leadership.

  • Enterprise Development

    We recognize the potential of youth-led enterprises to reduce the incidence of global unemployment by empowering young people to create unique solutions to societal needs.

  • Education Advocacy

    We understand that the most potent approach to transforming a society is by enabling access to quality education for all.

GIN was founded with the belief that visible social change can only be created through strategic investments in ideas and programmes that are designed to unlock human potential and enable the attainment of an individual¡¯s highest aspirations



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